Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find and understand the
Medicare coverage that best fits your personalized
needs by providing unbiased advice and information.

Our commitment

We simplify how you shop for Medicare.Enrollment is complicated, the marketplace is filled with competing messages and insurance plans, so where do you start? How do you know you’ve made the right choices?

That’s where SeekMedicare comes in:

  • We're in the business of building relationships - not just transactions. We’re not only going to help you find the right plan but will work with you to keep you in the right plan as things change.
  • There's no added incentive for us to put you in any particular plan, so you can feel confident our agents will only recommend coverage that fits your personalized needs.
  • We use our SeekScore technology to expedite the process, saving you time and money.
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Our Leadership

Brady Priest
Co-Founder & Chief Executive OfficerBrady Priest

Brady has spent his career building, advising and investing in healthcare businesses. His belief that technology can solve healthcare problems and bring consumers and their needs to the forefront, coupled with his experiences building and operating a startup Medicare Advantage carrier and a stand-alone Medicare Part D plan, led him to co-found SeekMedicare with its Board and investors. Brady has previously held key legal, R&D and venture investment roles with UnitedHealth Group and Clover Health.

Chris Watson
Co-Founder & Chief Operating OfficerChris Watson

Chris has over a decade of experience building successful early-stage businesses across numerous industries including healthcare, hospitality and financial services. His prior experiences at Clover Health, Groupon and Savored (acquired by Groupon) give him a unique perspective on the intersection of healthcare and consumerism. At SeekMedicare, Chris’ primary responsibilities include management of our operations, product strategy and growth.

Nadim Tawileh
Chief Technology OfficerNadim Tawileh

Nadim has spent many years in big tech developing enterprise and consumer-facing solutions at Google, Cruise and Morgan Stanley. At Google, he held product development roles for key projects including Google Assistant, Chrome and Android. Nadim joined Google with the acquisition of Divide where he was VP of Product Development. At SeekMedicare, Nadim oversees all aspects of the company’s technology platform to support sales, marketing and operations, as well as our consumer-facing applications.

Tammy Poole
SVP, Customer ExperienceTammy Poole

Tammy is an established thought leader in contact center strategies for health and life insurance, financial services, distribution and servicing. Her dedication to customer experience, talent retention and establishing high performing teams has allowed her to deliver differentiated business results in contact center environments throughout her career. Tammy has previously held leadership roles with Amerilife Group and Allstate. At SeekMedicare, Tammy leads our customer experience team from the Seek Schoolhouse in Palatka, Florida.

Aaron Berry
VP, ProductAaron Berry

Aaron has a deep background in finance, strategy and product management. He has previously held key product and finance roles at both Clover Health and Samsung Corporation. Aaron brings a builder’s mindset to work every day and drives end-to-end product development from inception to shipment. At SeekMedicare, Aaron heads our product development function, where he is focused on delivering our customers the services they need to assist them in their Medicare journey, and also helps define and drive our overall strategy and business model.