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Letter from the CEO

Thank you for your interest in Seek. By way of background, Seek was formed on July 6, 2020 by Clover Health, a Medicare Advantage insurer, and remains an affiliate of Clover to this day.

Seek has unique corporate DNA in that its founding occurred between two much larger companies, Clover and Walgreens, Inc. I was Seek's first employee and I co-founded Seek in order to build a consumer-focused sales agency where success is defined by the value of the services we provide to consumers, and by the strength of our relationships with those consumers. We have defined this service model as 'Coverage-as-a-Service.' In order to deliver on the promise of Coverage-as-a-Service, our agents are trained at-length to engage with consumers and to discern their doctors, prescription drug needs and medical history in order to match them with the Medicare plan that best fits their unique needs. And our proprietary technology platform enables our agents to do their job efficiently and, most importantly, accurately.

We are growing--and growing up--fast, and for the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period, we expect to have licensed agents in hundreds of Walgreens stores, in addition to our own call-center based agents. This year, we will focus our efforts in seven (7) states (Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia) and in each state we will offer multiple plans from the largest and most competitive Medicare insurance plans in the country. We are also continuing down the path of building a community-based organization that helps local seniors find and understand their Medicare coverage options, while providing meaningful, long-term career opportunities in each community that we enter. Thank you for visiting our site, and we are very much looking forward to serving your Medicare needs for the 2022 Plan Year!


Brady Priest

Brady Priest

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer