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Nobody likes shopping for a Medicare plan. It’s nearly impossible to sort through all of the details, whether it’s reading the seemingly endless pages of coverage changes, crunching numbers on the cost of medication, comparing plans and carriers or researching which providers are in your network plan. It’s a headache. And it probably seems like the process is a nightmare by design. That’s one reason why fewer than one in 10 Medicare beneficiaries even bother changing their plan — not because they’re enrolled in the best plan for them, but because the process is so confusing that it’s hard to figure out which plan’s benefits will help them the most.

SeekMedicare is different

The vast majority of consumers — four out of five Medicare beneficiaries — find their Medicare plan through a broker. That can be a nice time-saver, but it doesn’t guarantee consumers are getting the plan that best fits their needs. Typically, Medicare brokers align themselves with one or two specific insurance plans. This relationship means Medicare brokers are incentivized to steer clients toward a plan that is tied to their own financial interest, but that plan may not be the one that best suits the consumer’s needs. In other words, the system is backward; it is geared toward helping insurance companies enroll consumers instead of helping consumers enroll in the plan that’s best for them.


SeekMedicare puts your needs first. We are a consumer-focused broker that guides Medicare consumers into plans that align with their unique needs. We remain neutral by contracting with numerous plans in each market, and we ensure our neutrality by not contracting exclusively or taking marketing dollars from insurance plans. Our impartial approach means consumers can trust us to objectively identify the best plans for them based on their specific medical and financial needs.

How does it work?

We know that Medicare consumers rarely feel confident about their decision to enroll in one plan over another. By the end of the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), consumers often walk away feeling confused, deflated and disempowered.

That’s why SeekMedicare’s first priority is education and transparency. Our mission is to get consumers the most out of their coverage, and that starts with making sure they understand their plan. Using our personalized Medicare Match technology, SeekMedicare pairs consumers with plans by taking into account details, including their preferred doctor and if they are in-network, the impact of copays and deductibles and the cost of their medications.

SeekMedicare doesn’t just help consumers. We also provide brokers with our tools and data so they can offer consumers the best possible advice. Our analytics-based and AI-powered platform identifies coverage issues across carriers at the county-level to help brokers solve real coverage problems for consumers.

We also know that there is a multitude of plan options in every Medicare market today. To simplify the process for both consumers and brokers, our Medicare Match technology provides them with at least two coverage recommendations that track with their needs.

Why SeekMedicare?

Medicare enrollment can be frustrating, no matter who you are. It’s confusing for consumers and complex for brokers. Those realities often push consumers into enrolling in plans that don’t match their personal budget and health care needs.

We think you deserve the plan that’s right for you. In today’s Medicare marketplace, there are at least 20 available plans in each market and we believe the right plan is out there for you. Our technology simplifies the process from start to finish, comparing plans across carriers and delivering the results in an easy-to-understand format for beneficiaries and the brokers who serve them.

This is how healthcare should work: for you.

To learn more about SeekMedicare, visit our site or step into select Walgreens locations around the country to collect more information or receive a free consultation starting on October 15, 2020.


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